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My Florida Library…

…helped my son get all As in Math.

My 15-year-old son, who has always struggled with math, used Brainfuse, a library-provided online tutoring site, to improve his math grades.

…helped my daughter get ready for kindergarten.

My youngest child has been using the Launchpad tablets from the library, which has helped her get ready for kindergarten. Lisa enjoys learning with the Launchpads, which are helping her learn to read, teaching her to problem-solve, prepping her for a digital world, and allowing her to feel independent.

…cheered us up after Hurricane Michael.

After Hurricane Michael, our community was devastated in more ways than just the physical destruction that occurred. People suffered from PTSD, needing to talk to someone and share their feelings, etc. My library put up some holiday decorations (some of them quite silly) that provided us with some holiday cheer as we recovered, physically and emotionally.

…helped me get my vendor permit so I can sell food on Crab Island.

Library staff helped me navigate the confusing application website and fax the necessary documents so I would be ready for business in time for summer.

…helped me get my high school diploma.

Between hardships and bad schools, I dropped out of high school 7 times. I finally figured that I would never graduate or get a real diploma. But the library offered me a scholarship to Career Online High School, and I was able to realize a goal I had thought unreachable. I plan to continue my education and become a teacher.

…found my granddaughter a book about a girl like her.

My granddaughter has behavior struggles because of her frustration over her learning challenges. A librarian was able to find her a book about a girl who struggles just like she does but has overcome it. My granddaughter could identify with that girl AND was inspired by her.

…helped my son start a church.

My young adult son was called to start a church during the pandemic. We don’t have a computer and internet at home, but the library was able to provide access so we could apply for the necessary permits.

…provided internet access so I could take the test I need for my new career.

My internet access at home is spotty, so after having to restart the test I needed to take to become a financial education specialist several times, I went to the library. After a few hours, I passed the test and can now start my new career.

…helped me renew my driver’s license after COVID shut down the DMV.

When COVID shut down the DMW, I didn’t know how I was going to renew my license and car registration. I am an active retiree, and I need my vehicle to be able to commute to church. A librarian told me I could renew online, which I didn’t even know was an option! She walked me through the process, and now I’m going to take a computer class at the library so I can learn more.

…helped me save voicemails from my mom so I could hear her voice after she passed.

When my mom passed away, I listened to her voicemails on my phone so I would feel closer to her. But I was scared they would get deleted, so a librarian helped me save them to my home computer and the cloud so I can keep her voice forever and share it with my children.

…helped me register with FEMA after Hurricane Michael so I could work as a general contractor.

After Hurricane Michael devastated the Florida Panhandle, I knew that I could help with the recovery effort as a general contractor. But I also knew I had to register with FEMA. I didn’t have a printer, scanner, or fax machine at home, and I’m not tech savvy. My local library helped me download and print the documents I needed and then taught me how to scan and upload the documents to complete my application.

My Florida Library is sponsored by Florida’s Multitype Library Cooperatives